Arms of Andes Alpaca performance clothing is inspired by generations of their Peruvian heritage. The Alpaca wool is Peru's best kept secret, protecting Alpacas from the harsh environment. Our Alpaca wool is nature’s highest performing fibre, lighter weight and more luxurious to the skin than merino wool. AoA is committed to our gear being both ethically made and environmentally friendly, whilst being naturally made for high performance.

I wore it all night, sleeping in a hammock above the snow-covered ground, and again, stayed warm. And on the days with clear skies but still cold, I wear it with out a jacket and stay warm.

Michael Clemente from ENGEARMENT

I feel clammy and cannot shake a feeling of cold. In alpaca, my body felt cozy all evening.

Wil Rickards from ENGEARMENT

The clothing is equally comfortable to wear whether it’s hot or cold. The fine fibers absorb almost no water - neither rain nor sweat.

Jury of World’s Outdoor Trade Show

Winner of Brandnew Selection from world’s leading outdoor trade show

Out of more than 400 submissions, Arms of Andes was selected by the ISPO jury for its Outdoor Adventure category.  We were particularly cited for our sustainable outdoor gear and transparency, supporting our commitment to bringing products to market which are both ethically made and environmentally friendly.

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alpaca wool has high sweating wicking capabilities
alpaca wool is temperature regulated
alpaca wool is super soft next to skin



YOU STAY DRY: The alpaca fibres wick away almost 100% of your sweat. Your body warmth is trapped in the hollow fibres that mechanically push away your sweat.

YOUR CLOTHES STAY DRY: Our 100% alpaca wool gear is hydrophobic, repelling moisture and keeping you dry while you’re active in the outdoors.

WARM YET LIGHT: The wool is outstandingly warm for its weight, helping you to go further. 

TEMPERATURE REGULATED: Feel warm, but breathable. The unique structure of the fibre regulates temperature so you're warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

SOFT NEXT TO SKIN: Alpaca is the softest wool, making it super comfortable next to your skin. At 18.5 microns its even more comfortable than merino wool


SUSTAINABLE FIBER: Alpaca wool lasts a life-time and is also biodegradable.

FRIENDLY TO THE ENVIRONMENT: Alpacas respect their nature. Their feet are gentle to the ground. When eating, their teeth cut the grass, allowing new grass to grow.

SHEARING THE WOOL: Peruvian farmers use traditional shearing methods that cause no harm to the alpacas. They graze in the Andean outdoors, in their natural environment.

FROM THE ANDES: With close relationships with many farmers, we can trace back to the farm where our wool is from.


ONLY MADE IN PERU: From the alpaca to the finished clothes, everything is done in Peru. Having presence there, we have control of traceability and quality. 

OUR LUXURIOUS WOOL is given by the alpacas found in the Peruvian Andes.

FIBERS: We only use the finest alpaca fibers that have been sorted with touching techniques passed by many generations.

PERU TO THE WORLD: Your alpaca gear arrives from our online shops in Europe and USA